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#Thatblackgirltravels to RUSSIA: Day 7 Moscow

So my previous plans of trying to squeeze in St Petersburg fell through, mostly cos I am so tired. Decided to spend the day exploring Moscow again and I am super happy I did. I made several new friends and bumped into some old ones. Its a very small world people.

I started off by exploring the Metro with my new found friend Sveta. She a local and she showed me the best stations. Moscow has an intricate underground train system that is very similar to London. Even the lines have the same colours. You can rub the statues of dogs and chickens across the stations for financial luck!

Then I went back to Red Square to take some pictures and on my way ran into an old friend Femi who was here for a trade conference with his wife. He asked me to join them for lunch which I did. We had Prosecco and crabs legs at the Wine and Crab. I made new friends with a Bulgarian businessman Denny (everyone seemed to love him) and Sheik Omar. I have found my sugar daddy. Not coming back, folks. I am joking.... maybe.

To top the night off I had dinner with my old colleague turned friend Galina who recently moved to Moscow. We had a 3-course meal on a boat that took its time on a 3-hour journey on the Moscow River. Super beautiful!

By the time I got to my hotel, I was shattered and a little tipsy but as Moscow never sleeps even in my hotel room I danced to the sounds of the night club on the pier, I could hear through my window, till I tumbled in bed asleep. I woke up at 9 am to the music still on. Friday parties here are different!



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