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#Thatblackgirltravels to RUSSIA: Day 5. Ulyanovsk and Moscow

So I woke up super late and I almost missed breakfast. I suspect the several tequila shots had something to do with it but YOLO, right?

The flight back to Moscow was at 2 pm, so we squeezed in a visit to the Aviation museum by the airport. We saw all sorts of planes from Military choppers to the very first plane ever made in USSR! Russia is big on planes and a lot of people work in aviation in every field, especially manufacturing. Even our waiter from yesterday was training to be a pilot!

Back in Moscow, I was introduced to Moscow traffic! It's like Lagos 😂😂 I didn't leave my room except to go for a quick swim as was recovering but the view from my room was spectacular and I was just enjoying the peace.



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