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#Thatblackgirltravels to RUSSIA: DAY 3 Ulyanovsk

Soooo day 3!! Spent it meeting the rest of my team! And having loads of food (see next post)!! Ulyanovsk has a lot of great was named after Lenin as it was his home town (its previous name was Simbirsk). I spent the day working so I don't have too many sights pictured but we took a walk to see the two main bridges (Imperial and President)! The air is super clean and there are trucks that drive round spraying water to cool + clean the roads and freshen the air!

At night most places are lit by gorgeous fairy lights which adorn the city and give it such a dreamy vibe! Great food is definitely one of the best things about Russia for me right now!! Omg, I am in HEAVEN!



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