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#Thatblackgirltravels to RUSSIA: DAY 4 Ulyanovsk

Last night was mad real !!!! Yesterday was my last full day in Ulyanovsk and my team made me feel super loved!!!! They made me feel so welcome and I could ask for nothing else. I can't express how much I love and have loved working with this team, I was so emotional leaving but I know we will meet again soon! пока!! To celebrate we went out to karaoke and more food and SHOTS!!!! And it's a Tuesday!!! Russian shots are about double the size of UK shots so beware!

I was most surprised by the fact that so many karaoke songs were sung in perfect English! The servers here are also super friendly!!! Everyone is more than happy to help you learn Russian words and phrases, which I took advantage of! All in all I had such a great time!

Пр ощай! пока мы не встретимся снова!



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