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#Thatblackgirltravels to RUSSIA: DAY 2 Ulyanovsk

So on Sunday I left Nosovo Village and went to Ulyanovsk! Its actually one of the main reasons why I went to Russia. I have worked for the last 6 years managing a Russian software team. I haven't met a lot of them in person, so was really excited to meet them and visit the office.

I was met by Maria, Marina and Daria! Such wonderful, bad-ass and smart women to work with!

I took a local flight from Moscow to Ulyanovsk and it took about 1 hr. We also went exploring /shopping for a bit... I didn't buy anything as it was quite expensive. A simple black cardigan was 4000 Rubles!!! Finally checked into a decent hotel as staying at the Hilton in the city centre for 3 days. The last hotel in Nosovo was shite (sorry) but literally was a hard bed, no flushing toilet, no duvet, no curtains and only boiled eggs for breakfast.

One thing I didn't expect about Russia... it's so Hot!! I was sweating! The temp is about 30 degrees if you can believe it...not a cloud in sight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #sundressseason



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