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Getting your Nigerian Passport Renewed in London

It is well known that getting your Nigerian Passport renewed in London is a long and tedius process. I have pulled together a quick guide to help you on your way!

Get there early: Aim to arrive at 8.30 in the morning, if you get there after 9.15 it is likely you will be there longer than you need to be. Being among the first 40 people waiting is the key to an early day.

Early morning queue outside the Nigerian embassy. Photo @CharlesEmeka1

Get the payment right: You pay online for the passport, you must pay using a Credit/ Debit card in your name or the payment will fail. If you need a postal order ensure you have the postal order ready before the day of your appointment. The post office closest to the embassy opens at 9 am (see point one).

Pay for fast track: There is a new £100 fast track service which will allow you to apply and get your passport on the same day. Yes! Get in and get out walking away with your passport in hand. You will need another postal order for this so get both the order for the passport and the postal order for the fast track before your appointment! Be wary though, if the fast track is not available for the day, youwill need to apply normally and ask for a refund of your postal order at the Post Office.

Bring a book: You might be there a while, so bring a book to entertain yourself. Get some snacks and a drink and prepare to spend some time there (just in case). If you do not have plans for later in the day, you will not feel too stressed out if there are any delays.

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