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Lagos Danfo buses VS London buses

At first glance you might think its not a fair fight... afterall nothing can beat the Great London buses right? Here is a summary of how to use London Buses compared to Danfo buses. 1. Routes With both you have a defined set of stops and a standard route. The only issues is with London Buses your route can change midway with little or no warning and you have to make alternative arrangements. With Danfo buses even when there is heavy traffic the routes will remain mostly the same.

2. Traffic Speaking of traffic.... London buses usually have a seperate road lane to cars and other road users. This means the buses always run on time and arrive at the stops when they should.

3. Getting on Usually with London buses you can only get on at designated stops if yoy dont get to the stop on time you miss the bus. Simple. In Nigeria I am able to run in the general direction of the bus stop while waving my hand out towards the road and the bus is likely to pick me up.

4. Payments Change. That was my biggest issue with Lagos drivers. They never seem to have change. I have lost a small fortune after I have forgotten my change with 'conductors'. London buses don't accept cash and you must pay by a contactless bank card or an oyster card which can be 'topped up' in a shop.

5. Getting off Where a simple 'Next stop Owa!' is enough to tell the driver you are getting off...on London buses you need to press the stop button in good time or the bus will stop at the next station. The drivers never open the doors inbetween stops and you cannot speak to the driver while the bus is moving.

That is not everything there is about London buses.... but its mostly what you need to know about London buses. Dont forget to plan your journey before you travel!



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