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I found a Rabbit in a Greggs bakery

So the funniest thing happened to me today.... I was walking to the train station, when I decided to grab some breakfast from the Greggs bakery by the station .... It didn't  really matter to me that  I was running late or that I really  should not be eating a 500 calorie Croissant, when I am trying to loose some weight (Anyway thats another story  for another day). I walk in, place my order and I  reach into my purse for some money.  I hand over the EXACT change ( I am nice like that) and I start to turn round to leave. The cashier notices there is something different about one of the coins... and says 'Excuse me miss!'. I had already started fixing my face to my 'Angry-Nigerian-woman-so-dont-mess-with-me' face just in case he thinks I am not able to count common £1.70p. Luckily for him, he was just showing me a coin which he thought he would keep...It turns out it was a Peter Rabbit 50p coin which can be sold for up to  HUNDREDS OF POUNDS  on ebay, as its a rare coin print. Of course, the Nigerian in me jumped up and I almost dislocated his fingers in my rush to rip it from his hands sharply. After all, I had not left the shop yet, so it was still my money...  Thankfully  I had some more money in my purse and I paid (again) and left. From now, its serious SHINE YOUR EYE when spending money! No more JJC!



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