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I am officially an author.... I think.

So the book is on Amazon/Kindle and Okada books now! I am officially an Author!

Get it here:


If you were like me and had a Nigerian family that decided that going to a foreign school (either for undergrad or postgrad studies) was the best thing they could do for you or like many others you scrimped and saved to self-finance your studies to give yourself an edge, an out from the harsh reality of the Nigerian unemployment circle or chose to find exciting new employment away from the green shores of Nigeria then this book is for you.

The cost is steep and the prize at the end has a dubious benefit but hopefully, this can help you maximise these benefits. This book is not for the stereotypical rich kids[1], who have a plush job waiting for them on their triumphant return to the bustling shores of our home country. This book is for the migrants, who need to make their way in the world and do not plan to return till they do. This book is for the proverbial 'Naija hustler'[2], the grafters and the dream chasers.

So you have written all the required exams, got the contract letter signed up, you have got the funding (or not, ha-ha...), your visa application was successful, you have gone shopping in Yaba market for winter jackets and you have spent any money not converted to pounds to go out with your friends to the wine-bar for a goodbye drink. What next? Do you have your short term or long term goals already mapped out? Do you have a strategy? Do you have a plan? It’s a cold rainy country and I am not referring to the weather! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Have a few backup plans too.

I hope my tips can help as many of you as possible make this a much easier journey.

What if you are already here? Then yes, this book is still for you! Just take in any bits that apply to your situation and use it effectively. You can still benefit from, what I hope is, quite a bit of information that can help any newcomer to the UK. If you are here for just work and not school, the same principles still apply albeit in a slightly different way. Anyone who wants to know a few tips I wish someone told me when I moved here can use this book. Even if you don’t, you might know someone who does. Pass it on. I hope it helps!

Disclaimer: This book is anecdotal and is not in any way based on any scientific research I have done.

[1] Please note that I have nothing against rich kids... except maybe a touch of the green-eyed monster once in a while when I am on Instagram.

[2] Naija hustler: One who will do anything to make wealth and riches even in the most harsh unhelpful environments/ situations



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