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So I wrote a book...and so I say thanks

So the other day I wrote a book. Ok thats a lie...I wrote the book over many many months of staring at my keyboard.

After several starts and stops its finally done! All 66 pages of it! (Its not a lot I know....but I tried!). I just want to thank a few people who helped along the way....

My Partner Ken - Keeping me focused with many many nights of encourgement when I thought no one would ever want to read my words., keeping me was all worth it.

My Mother, Rose - For raising me to never give up.

My brother, Mark - For letting me try to be a good example as a big sister.

My Writing mentor Tolu - For doing my book cover, listening to my rants and so much more.

Tracey, Avana, Ufua, Pam...ladies who kept me bouyed.

I am going to upload it now. I hope it helps someone like me.



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