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Holiday is COMING! Holiday is COMING!!

What better time of the year than when it’s time to go on Holiday!!!! Now young adults we are always jetting off to one place or another. I LOVEEEEEE to holiday in style and as a general rule I go 4 star and UP so I need my money saving game to be on point!

Here are my top 5 tips to slash the dough you need to spend so you can have more to put towards the next one.

1. Forget package deals, create your own: It’s a lot easier to get a package deal where the flight and hotels are booked together. However, if your holiday is not 7, 10 or 14 days in length, get the flights and hotels separately. It’s always cheaper by several 000’s.

2. Don’t forget Airbnb: There are some amazing places on Airbnb which you can get for a fraction of the price you would pay for a hotel.

3. Book at the last minute: Package deals are commodities which are bought by travel agents for resale. Usually the dates are fixed for the best prices so the closer to the dates you can wait the cheaper you can get the deal as they will be desperate to flog the deals. You will have less choice though so be prepared to take what you get. (You can also book months in advance if you are sure of your dates)

4. Shop around for the best deal and haggle! My best method is to;

a. First find a hotel in the price range I want in the area I want.

b. Then search using my dates, airports and price range in package deal sites like expedia, tellytext or icelolly.

c. Once I find a deal close enough to what I want I call the cheapest first and ask if that is the best quote they can give me. They tend to drop this by a bit or add on some free extras.

d. Then I call all the others and ask them to match the deal.

e. This leads to haggling price frenzy and I almost always have someone beat the first deal. If not hey! I still have the first deal to go with!

5. Go in a group or go with a friend: traveling alone is just as expensive as going as a couple. If going as a group make sure it’s an even number as prices for the room can be split between travellers.

Don’t forget

· Make sure its ATOL protected and they give you a certificate when booking.

· Always read the reviews (Hotels AND agents) before you book.

· Pay by credit card if the holiday costs more than £150 so that you have added protection if anything happens to your holiday.



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