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Top 10 tips to getting a job in the UK after studying.

With the current unemployment crisis, coupled with the rising outcry against migrant workers, its become harder than ever to secure a job as a migrant worker in the UK.

In addition to this the new visa rules for non-british employees means less companies are willing to give foreign graduates a chance. So what do the lucky few who manage to secure a job have that other applicants dont? I was one of these few and here are my tips for securing that dream job.

  1. Develop your skills: I know it sounds cliche and you will think everyone knows this. They don't. Read as much as you can and dont limit your studying to just coursework ( you never really need everything you learn in class after graduation anyway).

  2. Get a part time job: this should be one of the first things you should do as soon as you start your course. Even a 4-hours-a-week stint at your local pub will increase your chances of getting a job after study by almost 50%! Most companies would be reluctant to hire you if you do not have any UK working experience. Any job you get will not only put some extra cash in your pocket but will also show your potential employers that you can multitask and you are hardworking. If you really want to gain experience, offer to work for free. You will still get paid travel expenses so you won't loose out on much.

  3. Participate in extra curricular activities: volunteer for a charity, join the local bike club, attend society meetings...basically try to be a part of anything outside the library. It will build your network and broaden your mind. It looks great on a CV too.

  4. Write your CV now: a lot of people wait till they are actually ready to look for a job to write thier CV. Your curriculum vitae is one of the most important documents you will ever have to do. Write it now. This helps you not only refine and upgrade it as time goes by, it also helps highlight any areas you might be lacking. This gives you a lot of time to improve yourself and therefore improve your marketability.

  5. Attend job fairs: to be honest I have never met anyone who got a job from a job fair but I know countless people who met other people, who recommended them for jobs they secured later. You cannot underestimate the power of your people network.

  6. Learn a new language: the world is one global market but we still have many languages. If you cab speak one of the major Nigerian languages and fluent English, why not up your game by learning anotherinternational language. I would recommend French, Spanish or Chinese. You instantly have a more appealing profile as you can be a valuable asset to companies with international clients.

  7. Clean up your social profiles: more and more recruiters are scanning applicants public profiles when considering them for roles. If you are already being considered, why ruin your chances by letting that picture of you enjoying your first nudist beach experience posted on Facebook be seen.

  8. Develop a business profile: start a blog on the area of business you are interested in, this ensures that potential employers know you are knowledgeable on your subject matter and you might even make some money and not NEED a job. Also create a LinkedIn profile and create a network with like minded individuals.

  9. Watch the news; I got one of my early jobs when I heard about the company in question creating a few hundred jobs in my city. Hiring drives like that are more flexible as there is less competition.

  10. Believe in yourself: far too many migrants are not applying for jobs as they believe they do not deserve certain jobs or thier application will be dismissed because of thier names or worse that they cannot do the job (even when they are well experienced). This underdog mentality has slowed many promising careers when perfectly suited candidates pull themselves out of the running for fear of rejection. The worst case scenario is you get a no. It wont kill you. You have to believe in yourself and I'm not just spouting this overused cliche for no reason. If you dont think you can, no employer will.

So those are my top 10 tips to getting a job after studying in the UK. Remember ts not who you know but what you know...

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